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  1. Dupe of the Day!

    Today’s dupe comes from Goose’s Glitter and The PolishAholic, whose full posts you can see here and here, respectively.

    In Goose’s Glitter’s post, she compared Butter London Bumster with American Apparel Trenchcoat. And the photo from PolishAholic also made me think that FingerPaints Catwalk Queen was also very similar, so I figured I’d include it.

    Mustard is a fantastic color for fall, so if you like this kind of color you may want to check these out!

    Butter London polishes retail for $14, American Apparel polishes retail for $6, and FingerPaints cost $5 at Sally Hansen Beauty Supply.

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    I was just thinking that I needed a mustard yellow polish in my life. I love a good dupe post!
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